Need More Sales ?

Of course you want more leads and sales. This is why 98% of people get into business. To grow a business and make MONEY on their own terms. Problem is, not all businesses have a bunch of consistent FREE referral leads or sales coming in. Of course if we could avoid paying for marketing we would, but there are so many people out there doing something similar to you and sometimes in the same city or town.

Your best bet is to make sure you stand out from the rest and take advantage of what technology has blessed us with .... the ability to put yourself and your business in front of more people than the ones who drive by your storefront.

How can you grab hold of more leads and sales ? .... With some help from our team.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Most EVERYONE is on social media. There are 3.5 Billion people (and counting) that use social media (that's 45% of the earth's population) .... Wow, just wow. Data states the average person spends 3 total hours scrolling through and interacting on their social media account(s) every single day.

What does this mean ?

YOU need to be advertising on social media ! Yea sure, maybe not every business benefits fully from social, but MOST do, and our team will do the research before you spend your money to make sure social media is worth the effort and investment.

Not all companies do this ! They take your money and later let you know "well, sorry, it didn't work out" .... but we are upfront !

Reach out below and we will gladly tell you if it's worth your time.

Help Me With Social Ads !

Google Ads

6.6 Billion searches per day .... wait, WHAT ? Yes !

Google has on average over 6 billion search queries per day. This is insane ! What does this mean for you ? .... the possibilities are endless.

Certain businesses have an enormous amount of opportunity on Google. This includes YouTube and those random graphic ads you see on news / blogger websites.

Simply put, Google Ads are super powerful, but also super COMPLICATED. Your average person can not handle running Google Adwords without an immense amount of experience in multiple industries and locations around the US if not the globe.

Do not take your Google Ads "Guy" on his word. A real Google Ads manager is what we have on staff here at FNMNL Media and he's got over 8 years of experience and LOVES what he does.

This isn't a service you can have anyone do, and it doesn't work for all businesses. Make the right choice and ask us how we can help you be successful on Google Ads. If it's not for you, we will tell you !

Get Me On Google Ads !